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Leftover/First Come, First Served DMP’s - On Sale 11/1/2023 (In-Person Only)

Leftover/First Come, First Served DMP’s - On Sale 11/1/2023 (In-Person Only)

Wednesday, November 1 starts the sale of Leftover/First Come, First Served (FCFS) Deer Management Permits (DMP). Applications for FCFS DMPs cannot be done over the phone, online or through the mail. They must be done in person through a License Issuing Agent. Please keep in mind the following important points about the FCFS DMP process:

-Hunters may apply for and receive up to two additional DMPs in the available Wildlife Management Units (WMUs).

-Applicants with licenses that are exempt from paying a DMP application fee, or hunters who have previously applied for DMPs this license year, will not be charged any additional fees during the extended application period. Otherwise, there is a non-refundable $10 application fee for leftover DMPs.

-Applications for leftover DMPs will not affect any preference points held by the applicant.

-DMPs are only valid for antlerless deer in the WMU for which they are issued.

 It is important to note that DEC will continue to issue permits in these WMUs until enough DMPs are issued to achieve optimum management in each WMU. When a WMU is open, it will remain open at least until close of business on that day. At the end of the business day, any units that have reached the desired number of permits will be closed and no longer available for sale. 

The Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) that will be available starting November 1 will be: 

1C (bowhunting only/Special Firearms with Special Permit-see 3M, 3R, 3S (bowhunting only),

4J (bowhunting only), 4T,

6G, 6P,

7F, 7H, 7J, 7R,

8A, 8C (bowhunting only), 8F, 8G, 8H, 8J, 8M, 8N, 8R, 8S,

9A, 9F, 9G 

Thank you for your support of DEC’s fish and wildlife programs.