Building Department

The Building Department is responsible for the administration ofthe NYS Building Code, NYS Fire Prevention Code, and the NYS Energy Code, the Planning and Zoning regulations, the Federal Flood Plain Regulations and various other local laws assigned to the Building Inspector for administration and enforcement by the Town Board. The Building Department secretary schedules building construction inspections, receives complaints concerning all areas of code administration, maintains records and collects fees for any operation that require fee collection for permits. The inspectors review permits for code conformance, inspect new construction, make fire code inspections, inspect for code enforcement problems, prepare reports, and meet with individuals concerning any code matters.


Affidavit of Ownership for Acc Apt  (Updated 12-1-2021)
Affidavit of Compliance of Smoke Alarm & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Installation
Building Permit Application  (Updated 1/10/2023)
Complaint Form  (Updated 12-1-2021)
Deck Construction Guidelines 2015 Code
Approved Electrical Inspection Agencies  (Updated 3/7/2024)
Inspection List  (Updated 3/7/2024)
Municipal Search Request  (Updated 1/10/2023)
Certificate of Exemption (How to Obtain)
Building/Zoning Setbacks
Climate Geographic Design Criteria TABLE (8x14) Updated 8/16/2022
Land Use Determination Form  (Updated 12-1-2021)
Requirements for Swimming Pools Contained Bldg Code (Uniform Code)
Sample Finished Basement Plans
Building Department Fee Schedule
Energy Code 3rd Party Testing  (Updated 12-1-2021)
Entity Disclosure Form

Summer Dwelling Conversion Requirements 

Permits Required  (Updated 12-1-2021)

Short-Term Rental Application (Updated 7-7-2022)

Residential Rental Registration Permit Application (5/4/2023)

Operating Permit Application

Schedule of District Regulations

Cross Connection Permit


Town Code Online

NYS Division of Building Standards and Codes (BSC)


Zoning Map