Clarence Board joined the Mombasha Fire Company in 1957. Eisenhower was President, the average yearly salary was $4,500; a gallon of gas was $0.24; “Twelve Angry Men” was playing at the movies; Perry Mason debuted on TV; Monroe’s fire trucks were red. Through the decades, so much has changed in society, here in Monroe, and at the Mombasha Fire Company. The one constant in Monroe and at the Mombasha Fire Company is Clarence Board. He has served in many capacities over his 60 years of dedicated service, including Secretary, Chaplin, Assistant Chief, and Chief.  He is currently the Sergeant at Arms. Throughout the years he has also served beyond Monroe’s borders in the Orange County Chiefs Association, Orange County Fire Advisory Board, NY State Chiefs Association, Hudson Valley Volunteer Fire Association, and FASNY (Fire Association of the State of New York. He also served as Vice President and President of the Orange County Volunteer Firemans’ Association. While he no longer fights fires, there’s not a meeting, parade, or civil function that you won’t see him actively participating in.  

We gratefully acknowledge Clarence Board for his 60 years of service and his dedication to serving the residents of the Town of Monroe and Orange County!