Dear Monroe Community,

We at Smith's Clove Park have closely monitored the COVID-19 situation. Safety is our first priority, and we are following the directives of our Federal, State, and local governments as we continue to navigate this crisis. A main concern and priority has been the ability to open this July for our summer camp YAC.

We felt all along, that with the events of the last 4 months, it would be more important than ever to be able to offer the Camp program to the community and prepared, as best we could, maintaining optimism that by July this crises would be over.

Then a few weeks ago, Governor Cuomo abruptly announced that by June 29, summer camps would be allowed to open. It appeared we were moving in the right direction, still cautious knowing that it is the County Health Department which would review our application and issue the permit to open; and we still had no State Health Department guidelines for which to follow.

At mid-day Tuesday June 9, 2020 the Park Board received a copy of the State guidelines for camps. The members, along with the Attorney, reviewed the guidelines; both suggestions and mandates. After reviewing the information, Board members discussed with the Camp Director the feasibility of adhering to the guidelines and the ability to protect campers, parents/guardians, park patrons and staff.

Primarily, our camp is based on social interaction, we don't teach them a sport, we let them play a sport together, we let them hang out with their friends from school and make new ones, while developing the inter personal skills to serve them well throughout their lives.

After mindful deliberation and consideration of; the parents, campers and potential counselors, the Board has agreed that despite our best efforts and our desire to see YAC summer camp 2020 continue as it has for the last 40+ years at Smith's Clove Park, it would be irresponsible for us to open camp and expose the community to a potential health hazard. 

This is a decision we came to with your best interest in mind. We are all saddened by this conclusion, but rest assured that as soon as it is safe to do so, we will resume those activities our community has come to expect and enjoy.


John S. Battaglia
Chairman MJPRC