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Yes, the failure to mail a statement or the failure of a property owner to receive a statement will not affect the validity of the taxes or interest prescribed by law (New York State Real Property Tax Law §922). In addition, neither the Tax Collector nor any other official has legal authority to waive statutory penalty charges. These are fixed by the Real Property Tax Law. If they are waived, the collecting officer will be personally responsible. As all records are audited by State examiners, there is absolutely no discretion in this matter. The Constitution and the law of the State mandates the procedure.

No. New York State Real Property Tax Law §925, provides as follows: “Payment of taxes by mail, when enclosed in a postpaid wrapper (envelope) properly addressed to the appropriate collecting officer and is deposited in a post office or official depository under the exclusive care and custody of the United States Post Office shall, upon delivery, be deemed to have been made to such officer on the date of the United States Postmark on such wrapper. The provisions of this section shall not apply in the case of postmarks not made by the United States Post Office. A postage meter postmark is not a postmark made by the United States Post Office and, therefore, is not within in the provisions of Real Property Tax Law §925. Payments can not be deemed timely because of a postage meter postmark date on an envelope containing a tax payment (Op. New York State Comp. 69-170).

If taxes are not received until after the due date, they are not paid until after the due date unless they fall squarely within the provisions of section 925 of the Real Property Tax Law, and the penalty must be added and collected. No Town Official or employee can waive the penalty (Op. New York State Comp. 68-626).

No. The Town has not yet entered into an agreement with a credit card processing center to enable tax payers to use any major credit card to pay their property taxes.

No. The Town of Monroe does not accept installment payments.

No, the warrant constitutes the mantle of authority for the collecting officer to receive the taxes. Therefore, the warrant must be regarded as the instrument which empowers the collecting officer to begin the collection. Collection authority can not begin prior to the date of the warrant.

Address changes must be made in writing. Notify either the Tax Office or the Assessor’s Office by mail, e-mail or fax.

In order to make sure you will receive the tax bills prior to the penalty period (February for Town/County Taxes), you must notify the Tax Office in your Town. Send or fax a copy of the “Satisfaction of Mortgage” letter from your lender.

All exemptions are handled by the Assessor’s Office. Any questions, please call Assessor at 845-782-4459 x1

The basic STAR exemption only affects your School Tax portion of your primary residence.

All exemptions are required to be filed by March 1 of any given year.

Property owners often confuse property taxes and assessments. For instance, some taxpayers attempt to "grieve" their taxes. You can grieve your assessment, but not your taxes. Assessments, not taxes, are determined by the assessor. Taxes are determined by school boards, town boards, and county legislatures. These jurisdictions are responsible for budget that establish taxe rates, not assessments. If you feel your assessment is too high, you should discuss it with your assessor and consider grieving your assessment ..

Grievance Day is always the 4th Tuesday of May. Grievance requests forms (RP-524) can be filed after the Tentative Assessment Roll is established on May 1st, up to 8pm on Grievance Day. The Assessor's office will accept informal review requests throughout the year and will notify homeowners of any applicable reduction on or before the filing of the Tentative Assessment Roll.

NO. The Board of Assessment Review cannot increase your assessment based on filling an RP-524.

Monday Friday 6:00 am to 5:00 pm 
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 6:00 am to 6:45 pm

$1.00 (Seniors Handicapped)

$.50 (Seniors Handicapped)

We stay within the Town of Monroe. On Tuesday we have an agreement with the Town of Woodbury to transport their residents to Monroe and back to Woodbury.

The Town of Monroe Dog Shelter only handles dogs.

The towns supported by the Monroe shelter are Monroe, Harriman and Kiryas Joel.

Yes, the shelter does accept all donations.

Any dog being surrendered to the shelter must be up to date on vaccinations

Under NYS Highway law 319; the highway department is not responsible for replacing mailboxes or any other obstruction that may have been damaged during the snow removal process.

Permit may be obtained at the town's highway department located at 87 Mine Road. The application fee for the permit is $250 plus a bond amount determined by the highway superintendent.

Residents are responsible for the road.

Resides of the private road are responsible for street sign replacement unless the private meets and intersection.

Highway does not maintain street lights within the town. Orange and Rockland Utilities maintain the lights. They can be reached at 1-800-877-434-4100.

The town has a contract with ECO. Residents are invited to contact them at 783-4622 regarding drinking water issues.

BUILDING PERMITS & CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCIES REQUIRED FOR: Commercial, New or replacement of your dwelling, Additions, Structural repairs/alterations, Conversion of garages, cellars, and or attics into habitable space, Conversions of summer residence into an all year round residence, Porches, Swimming pools, except pools 24" or less in wall height, Hot tubs, New swimming pool fences or alteration of pool barriers, Sheds, Garages, Demolitions, Bldg and Freestanding Signs, New Septic System, Fireplaces, Wood Stoves, Decks, Retaining walls over 4', Replacement Roof, Oil tank removal and replacements, Generators.

All complaints must be in writing and signed on our form. Telephone and unsigned complaints will be preceded.

Complaint forms are on line@

Health related problems is under the Authority of the Orange County Health Department (845-291-2332)

Hazardous waste is under the authority ofNYS Department of Environment Conservation (845-256-3000)

Membership is open to residents of the Town of Monroe, proof of residency is required (i.e. tax bill or current utility bill) and those residents that are 60 years of age or older. Please see Ann Marie in the office to review the calendar or call the office at 845-783-9486.

We offer a variety of exercise classes: Yoga, Stretch, Aerobics, Meditation, ZUMBA and Osteo-Weight Training.

All new participants are required to obtain a note from their physician for clearance or allowance with specified limitations before beginning an exercise regimen. We offer two clubs: Jolly Senior of Monroe & Young at Heart (annual dues $10). They meet twice a month as indicated on the calendar and offer social activities such as BINGO and several trips throughout the year.

Additionally, the Jolly Seniors of Monroe offer a monthly casino trip March-October. Other activities include Movie Mondays, BINGO Thursdays, computer lab access, men's Iwomen's card playing and monthly blood pressure screening.

Please call Office of the Aging at (845) 615-3730

Please call the Town Clerk’s office at (845) 783-1900 ext.222

Dogs in the Town of Monroe are required to be licensed. A valid rabies certificate as well as a certificate of spay/neuter is required. Fees are: Spayed $10.00 Unspayed/Un Neutered $20.00. Persons over 65 years of age are exempt from fee.

Online services are available for license renewal as long as the rabies certificate has not expired.

We accept Credit Cards (MasterCard/Visa) for fees in the Town Clerks Office.

Applications are available in the Town Clerk's Office and must be completed by the applicant and their physician.

Application must have the doctor’s office stamp on application Permits are issued either in person or by mail.

Yes, New York State Conservation Licenses may be obtained at the Town Clerk's Office. Hunters should bring their driver's license, if first time applying you will need your hunter certification certificate. No certification is necessary for fishing licenses. The fee varies according to the license type.

We accept Credit Cards (MasterCard/Visa) for fees in the Town Clerks Office.

You must provide a valid Photo ID: driver’s license non- driver’s license or passport.

You must provide an original or certified birth certificate or naturalization papers.

You must know your Social security number

If you have been married before, a certified Decree of Divorce or Death Certificate for each marriage, is required. Prospective Applicants must come together to apply for a license at least 24 hours before the wedding, but no more than 60 days in advance.  There is a $40 fee for a Marriage License. 

We accept Credit Cards ( MasterCard/Visa)  for fees in the Town Clerks Office.

A Special District is created to define a specific tax base for a specific purpose.  In Monroe Special Districts have been created for Drainage, Roads, Sewer, and Water; there are other types of districts as well.  Special Districts serve and tax those residents defined by that district.  For example, if you receive Town water, you are in a Water District and charged for the usage, maintenance, and bonding (if applicable) for that district.

Call 782-8583 to request a final water reading.  If the final water bill is to be sent anywhere other than your address on file, you must include that information with your request.

Quarterly - cycles ending February, May, August, November

All Water Bills, and previous balances, not paid by November 1st are levied on the County Tax bill for the following year.

Residents serviced by Orange County Sewer District #1 call 291-2033

Residents serviced by Moodna Basin Sewer call 782-4342

You can find more information on the Monroe Cinema (TMACC) by visiting our website at: